If your looking for an affordable family get away that isn't but two hours away, I got just the place.  Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas.  It's just down the road and it's the perfect family get away for all ages. 


Stay at their world class resort hotel, soak up some sun at their private white sand beach "Palm Beach" or enjoy a day on the green and try your hand at golf.  If you love animals, they've got plenty of them!  Moody Gardens has a wonderful Aquarium, one of the largest in the world as a matter of fact, plus it features thousands fish from four seas including stingrays, seals, penguins and sharks.


Here's a interview with our friends from Moody Gardens.  They stopped by in May to talk about all of the wonderful attractions they have this year.  Here's the interview from their visit.  Press play now:


The Discovery Pyramid includes all types of educational exhibits including the famous "Bodies Revealed" exhibit.  Trust me, it's going to blow your mind if you haven't seen it yet.  By the way, all the bodies and body parts are REAL!  It's simply amazing!

Of course the Rainforest Pyramid is going excite your senses as well.  See giant spiders, huge snakes, tons of birds, plant life and learn why we need to save the Rain Forest.   Several animals are loose like moneys, sloth's, Macaws and more.  It's really cool and the kids will love it!

For more details, tickets etc., click here.  By the way me and family are going this weekend and I will bring you my photos when I get back.



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