While he is known for roles like "The Best Man", Brothers and so many more. Actor Morris Chestnut returns to television with a new show this fall called "Rosewood". The movie is about a Miami Pathologist who is known to always get it right. This will be the first time in years since he has been on television in a regular series, but the show looks promising.

Check out the trailer of the new series to debut on Fox and see if you think it has what it takes to stick around. The only thing I hate about new shows is that I don't feel like they are given a true opportunity to make it and do what it needs to do to survive. Pretty much anything that is new has to be given a chance.

Rosewood Movie Trailer:

Lets only hope that the show will survive as I am a fan of Morris and would love to see a show like this works. He's a great actor and from what I am hearing I think it's going to be on the same night as "Empire". There is also word that there will be another Best Man movie dropping sometime in the next year.


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