The ladies love Michael Ealy and the fellas love Sanaa Lathan. Now of course if you add a little Morris Chestnut in there then I think it's safe to say that you'll have the ladies drooling and the fellas overly excited about what's to come.


Imagine a young lady having a relationship and deciding to call it quits only to meet someone else who she quickly falls for. Of course this is the new man of her dreams, who eventually turns out to be everything she doesn't want in a man. The new thriller is called "The Perfect Guy" and it stars those three along with a few special appearances and from the looks of it, it's gonna be good.

The Perfect Guy Movie Trailer:

My wife is one of those people that if she sees an actor playing a role to good. It can sometimes compromise how she feels about that person. Every since "Madea's Family Reunion", she can't stand Blair Underwood. Well I can't wait to see what she thinks about Michael Ealy after this performance. It's always great to see actors show a versatile style when it comes to movies. You can believe that the theatres will be packed this fall for this one.

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