Good music touches your soul. I would imagine it doesn't matter if you're human or not. If there is any artist who has the ability to touch someone's soul, it's late, great Whitney Houston. I don't know anyone who isn't a fan of the legendary songstress or her music. She just had, "IT!"


Her voice is hard not to love. When it comes to some of her biggest songs. Most people would say "I'll Always Love You," was among her top 5 best. That song is so popular, that when one of her biggest fans appeared in a TikTok video singing it, he racked up more than 2 million views!

Well, to be fair, it probably wasn't just the song that captured everyone's attention. The fact that this Whitney super fan was a little black and tan dachshund named Koji, might have had a little to do with all the attention too. Okay, it had a lot to do with it!

This little guy loves to sing. So much so, that his owner started a TikTok page (@kojithed.o.g.) for little Koji to rock out. Recently a video was posted to his page with the caption, "Just Griffin," as Koji sings his heart out to Whitney's famous song from "The Bodyguard." 

@kojithed.o.g Just riffin 🎶🎶#dogsoftiktok #dachshund #dog #accapella #harmonize ♬ I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston

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