When I tell you today was a highlight in my life, it was really a big day for me. For the last several years, a wonderful voice calls the request line every other day to say hello. The owner of this sweet voice is that of Mary Rigmaiden.

I look forward to her calls because we talk about all kinds of stuff. Mrs. Mary is very sharp and has a great memory. We often talk about meeting one day. In fact, I told her I would find out where she lived and pop up when she least expected it. She calls a lot for birthdays, as well. I am always amazed how she can remember the name and ages of all the kids she calls for.


One thing's for sure, Mrs. Mary is blessed in more ways than one. She has a very big family, a ton of grand kids, great-grand kids, and great-greats. Mrs. Mary didn't need to call in a birthday wish for anyone else today because it was her birthday. Today, my friend, Mrs. Mary Rigmaiden, turned 96 years old!

One of her grandchildren called from Memphis to wish her a happy birthday. That was my chance to get her address and surprise her. Mrs. Mary's granddaughter said the family had arranged a parade of cars to drive by her house and honk their horns as they passed by. This was the perfect opportunity for me to meet my friend! So, I stopped by to introduce myself, thank her for listening, and gave her a 107 Jamz face mask to protect herself from the coronavirus. It was wonderful meeting her and her family.

They had big balloons, cake and cupcakes, and much more. You can see how special she is to her family and how much they love and respect her. Even though her sight is gone, her children arranged a birthday parade in her honor. She sat outside on her driveway so she could hear her family wish her happy birthday. It was really touching.

May God bless and keep you always! Happy birthday, and I wish you many, many more. I look forward to talking to her tomorrow and will forever cherish the day I got to meet Mrs. Mary Rigmaiden!

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