Well Sonics is one of my favorite spots when it comes to refreshments. No I am not a big Chili Dog person or Chicken Strip guy, but what I do love is that good ol Sonics Ice. So let me tell you what I use my favorite ice for and believe me it's for a little more then you think.

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    Gotta Have That Sonics Ice!!

    Obviously we can't get things popping off without the big bag of ice to get the ball rolling. Again I will say that Sonics has got to have the best ice in the city especially when it comes to hooking up drinks or other items that will need that ice!

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    Sonics Sluses

    Got to have the Sonics Ice to make those great Slushs that you can get in all flavors and all sizes. Also don't forget between 2-4 pm, you can get them for half price. Man you can't beat that with a bat!!

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    Ice Baths

    Some may look at it as a waste, but when it is hot in the LC and drinking water just doesn't do it for me, I will take me one of those boxer baths. That is where you drop plenty of ice into a tub and just let it soak. Obviously you may want to be careful before you do it and not send your body into shock.

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    Keeping The Beverages On Chill!

    Got to have a cooler for of that Good Sonics Ice to keep the drinks cold for that Barbeque or Crawfish Boil that I look forward to around this time of the year!

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    Keeping My Peach Ciroc Cool For A Brother Like Me!!

    A Party ain't a party without a little bit of that Bubbly to go around. One of my favorites right now is Circoc. I always have a bottle for any occasion and my favorite is Peach Circo, mixed with a little Pineapple Juice.

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