Going back home was full of anxiety, nervousness and the unknown.As a person who considers himself an essential worker. I had to make the decision to vacate with my family and go to safer grounds.

Just like many of you I was locked to KPLC and The Weather Channel to see how things were back in Lake Charles. It did not help when we saw towers down on KPLC's site or the Isle of Capri boat pushed up against the bridge. This only heightened my anxiety and of course my wife was worried as well.

Once we got to Lake Charles, it looked like a maze we had to get through in order to really move around the city. It took a lot of time to get to our house and assess the damage that was done.My wife got to the house first and the fact that she hadn't called me, I assumed that things weren't that bad. Once I got out to look at things, I noticed that some of the my screens had come off the window and of course shingles flew off the roof as well. That of course meant that we were going to have to get some work done. We experienced some moisture on some of our furniture, but overall we were in a good possession.

I can say that my anxiety went down because things looked fine and I was able to breath. We got here kind of late and before we knew it nightfall came and when I tell you it was dark. I have never seen the city this dark ever. We had to literally drive 5 to 10 miles in order to safely leave the city to avoid nails and other items that could have damaged our vehicle.

When I say I know what you're going through. I might lost have lost the amount of things that you did. However, working so hard to build your empire and losing it within an hour can be very emotional on everyone. I ask you all to be vigilant in your bounce back and be patient as things will not move quickly. Just know in the end, we will get through this and gain more then we had before.

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