This past weekend I went to Atlanta to mingle and network with some of the elite in radio over there. The energy was high as I was rubbing shoulders with some high-profile program directors and artists who were trying to connect with radio to get exposure to their music. However, this flight on Delta Airlines was like none that I have had before. Believe me, the staff was friendly and made sure that all of my traveling needs were accommodated. It kicked off first with me missing my flight. I was flying out of Lafayette for a 7 am flight and unfortunately I got caught up at home and didn't make it on time.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a very prompt person when it comes to being somewhere. This was totally against my normal routine, but it happened and I had to work on a plan b. Delta worked with me and had me scheduled for a later flight. That meant that I had to stay there in the airport for another 4 hours waiting on the next flight. It went by pretty fast and I made my way to TSA to be checked in before the flight and this is where the fun started. As soon as I got to TSA, there was a little delay as 2 ladies who were taking the flight had a couple of additional passengers that were coming along. I looked down and noticed that it was a couple of cats that were going to be going. Honestly, I love cats and didn't have a problem, but I have heard about support animals but have never seen Cats to be considered as one.

As I wrapped up my trip and was heading back to Lafayette, I encountered another four-legged passenger who was going to be on the ride. I looked to my right and there was this tall but still cute as ever dog. I didn't get the name and honestly don't know if it was a boy or girl. I couldn't get over the fact that the dog was truly well-mannered and didn't leave its spot until the owner grabbed the collar for them to leave. To say that it was an adventurous flight is, to say the least. Overall the trip was fun and I was able to truly make some connections with other like-minded people like myself. Again major shouts out to Delta on a great flight and for getting me in the mix with my first ever animal-assisted plane ride.


Erik Tee
Erik Tee


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