It seems Kelis may have violated the custody agreement set between her and ex-husband Nas. The man says he just wants to see his son with no strings attached, and she still isn't having it.

According to TMZ, Nas claims Kelis refused to give him their 8-year-old son Knight when it was his weekend. The Illmatic rapper wants the judge to not only penalize the "Milk Shake" singer, but he's requesting $22,000 to cover lawyer fee's he had to pay due to her violating the custody agreement.

Kelis reportedly claimed Knight wanted to stay with her during Passover, but Nas isn't buying it. He says his ex-wife continues to be difficult when it comes to getting his son, and she even allegedly screamed at Nas when he arrived at her home, refusing to let him take the 8-year-old. He says she even went as far as to refuse him picking Knight up from school on more than one occasion.

We hope they can get this worked out soon because at the end of the day the child suffers more than anyone.

[Source: TMZ]


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