You’re minding your business, cruising with the sunroof open, you decide to stop at a gas station for you favorite fountain drink and bag of chips, but as you’re about to step out of your car you witness children climb out of the trunk of a car. What do you do? Call the cops, or act like you seen nothing?

According to WKRN TV, a 33-year-old a elementary school employee in Nashville, Tennessee was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment after police discovered children inside the trunk of her Chevy Malibu. A customer notified police and alerted them that there was a large number of children getting out of a car at a gas station, and three of them exited the trunk. The claim was backed by surveillance video from the gas station.  There were reportedly nine children, ages 8-10 in the car, all students of the woman driving the car.

I bet it went something like this "Ma’am, license and registration, please… Do you have any illegal drugs or weapons in the car? No? Oh, you have kids in the trunk? Step out of the car please, you’re going to jail for driving while stupid.” Ha!!

Watch the news clip above to get the full story. The woman claims it was just a misunderstanding. Parents and relatives who were notified to come and pick the children up were reportedly angry. Of course they were angry, wouldn’t you be?!

[Read More at WKRN]

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