Wait for it. The latest video from Youtube channel WatchCut Video may have folks in an uproar before the week is out.

In a series titled “Parents Explain,” parents explain topics like “Consent, Birth Control, Periods, Santa, the Birds and the Bees," and more. Their lastest video “Parents Explain Masturbation” hit the internet on Monday, July 10, and it’s already gaining some criticism in the comments section of Youtube, and sites like WorldStarHipHop.

I’m not a parent, so there’s not much I can offer up in terms of how to raise a child, but is this topic a bit much for children who look to be between the ages of 8-12 in the video above? The innocence of children seems to shorten as each decade passes.

In most of the sit down interviews between the parent and their child/children, there’s either a bottle of lotion, box of Kleenex, and women’s sex toys on the coffee table in front of them. Most of the kids are weirded out about the conversation, with a couple of them being more curious than the average adult would deem appropriate.

At one point several of the parents even admit to their children that they too have partaken in masturbation. Uncomfortable. I’ve never wanted to know my parents in that capacity. I accepted that they had sex long ago, after all how else could I have gotten here? I’m not a prude.

I had the birds and the bees conversation with my parents at a very young age, thanks to my older brother and the condoms I found in a jacket he let me borrow. This was in the 5th grade, so imagine my surprise when a class mate explained to me what it was, but in the most foul-mouthed way I can’t even begin to type. I digress.

Personally, it’s not a conversation I would want to have with my child until they are teenagers, but if it would become a problem, I would certainly have to address it with them, but privately. My conversation wouldn’t be one that would encourage it, and damn sure not me admitting to them that I’ve done it too. That’s just a bit much. There has to be some level of anonymity between a child and their parents. I’ve been assured that there are things I don’t know about my parents, and I'm fine with that.

My question now is to anyone reading this, what do you think? Would you have a talk about masturbation with your young child? Would you admit your own masturbation to your children? Should there be an age limit to having these types of conversations, and how do you feel about them having them documented and posted on Youtube for the public to see?

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