I first heard about Dee- 1 several years ago where he had music with Mannie Fresh and also had the big song about owing Sallie Mae. This dude represents New Orleans to the fullest and always kicks dope styles when it comes to the music.

He just released his latest album "Slingshot David". He has been in the game for several years now and actually seemed to be black balled a little for some of his music back in the day calling out some of the bigger artist from back in the day. He called out artist like Lil Wayne and others and asked about their representation and what they were doing with their platform. He stopped by Sway in The Morning and dropped the 5 Fingers Of Death and he is killing it. Check it out now.


5 Fingers Of Death With Rapper Dee-1:

Check out the Slingshot David full album as he talks about it and discusses the concept of the album and the process it took to make it.

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