In an effort to improve driving habits across the country, Kars4kids, conducted an interesting survey on drivers here in the U.S. The goal was to promote courteous driving through their, Drive Human Campaign. In addition Kars4Kids teamed-up with Driver’s Ed schools to incorporate a courteous driver guide, that'll be issued to students participating in courses across the nation.

So what states have the friendliest drivers? One things for sure, Louisiana, didn't do too hot. Below is a look at the top 5 states with the most courteous drivers.

1. Idaho

2. New Mexico

3. Oregon

4. Montana

5. Alaska

Out of 50 states, Louisiana ranked 47th! Our state scored an overall D-, and was rated the 4th rudest state in America. People...we got some work to do. As mentioned above, the data collected in the Kars4Kids survey was part of a summer program to encourage better driving habits. The Drive Human Campaign, brings attention to a dangerous trend on America's roadways. Road rage!  Louisiana has seen the back-to-back murders of former NFL stars Will Smith and Joe McKnight do to road rage incidents that spiraled out of control. Angry, aggressive drivers have led to unnecessary accidents, caused fights, and even led to murder. When it comes down to it, the world would be a much better place if we'd just be nicer to one another.

That's not all. Louisiana drivers aren't the only ones that need to make attitude adjustments on the road. It appears 5 out of 10, Southern states did poorly in this survey. How did Kars4Kids come up with this data? They simply asked drivers in each state a series of questions relating to everyday driving. For example: “How often do you signal?,” or “Would you let someone merge into your lane?” Each state was then graded based on the answers given. By the way, Louisiana came is dead last on the "signal" question.

Bottom line, drivers in America have got to do better. The Drive Human Campaign results indicate that drivers everywhere need to try and put a face behind the wheel of other cars. Another words, remember that we are sharing the road with other human beings. If we all do that, then maybe there'll be happier drivers and safer roads across the nation.

What kind of driver are you? Take the Drive Human Survey now, and find out.

Be safe, buckle-up and be more courteous driver's America! #DriveHuman


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