He's multi talented and with now signs of slowing down, Neyo is prepping the release of his 5th studio album.  Neyo's been a busy man, making movies and tending to his signature hat collection "Francis Ellargo", but now it's time for music.

Neyo's new single "Lazy Love" is a tempting appetizer from his forth coming LP.  Here's a look at the video.



Get more details on when Neyo plans on dropping in new album, plus find out what he's doing at the legendary Motown Records.  As always I got the skinny for you with Tha Wire.  Scroll down and press play to here more.  Meanwhile, we're sending a major shout out to our very own Joshua Ledet, who landed the #9 spot on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts with his "Joshua Ledet American Idol Highlights" album.  To learn more, click here.

However, speaking of American Idol, looks like a lot of changes are going to be taking place.  Steven Tyler and J-Lo are chucking the deuces.  Find out what they had to say about leaving.  Plus, learn what Randy Jackson is going to do now that he is once again being left as Idols sole judge.

Finally, Beanie Sigel has had his share of going to jail.  However, he presciently got another way ticket back to his favorite spot as of last week.  Get the scoop on what happened and find out how long he'll have to go this time around.  Press play now to here Tha Wire: