For the fourth time in the last couple of months year, Nick Cannon had to be hospitalized.  He's been having some serious health problems lately.  The America's Got Talent host was recently diagnosed with acute kidney failure after falling ill while on vacation with his family during the Christmas holidays.  Now, he's got another serious issue.  Press play to find out what's going on now.


He was famous for his producing skills and has worked with the biggest names in the biz, like Beyonce, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre and more. 

Scott Storch Booking Photo

Scott Storch was a best, but sadly his success came to a sketching halt due to a mounting drug addiction.  He famously blew a $30 million dollar fortune after getting hooked in 2006 and then disappeared from the music scene all together.  Find out why he's back in the news today. 

As much as I hate to even think about it, Whitney Houston will be laid to rest tomorrow and her home town of Newark is bracing for the thousands of mourning fans that are gonna try and pay their respects.  However, Newark authorities are pleading with everyone to stay home and watch it on TV or online.  Get more details surrounding her funeral, who's gonna be there and what else fans need to know. 

Finally, Don Cornelius was also recently laid to rest.  Press play now, to stay in the know.  Listen to Tha Wire for the latest in entertainment. 



According to the Hollywood Reporter, Oprah Winfrey is considering a co-starring role in a new Lee Daniels' film, "The Butler".  A profoundly interesting true story of Eugene Allen, a black man who worked as  a bultler in the White House and served 8 presidents from 1952-1986. 

The film is very much in it's early stages.  As a matter of fact the financing isn't completly ironed out, but Daniels is said to be working on a top notch cast in the meantime.  John Cusack, Mila Kunis, Hugh Jackman and Oprah are just a few of the names being thrown around. 

Word has it, Daniels wants David Oyelowo her starred in "Red Tails" and the upcoming thriller "The Paperboy", to play the butler.  So, we'll see how it goes, but it sounds like it's gonna be good.  Oprah actually worked with Lee Daniels before with the movie "Precious" which as we already know scored two Oscars.

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