The news came last night about the non indictment on Officer Darren Wilson and the word was not what we wanted to hear. It's so sad that we live in the world where we have to deal with racism and crooked laws that are sometimes not in our favor.


We were raised to always go to the police man on the corner if we are lost or feeling threaten by someone or something. These days, it's almost to the point where we don't feel safe for our kids to go to anyone but them. We have to continue to raiser our kids to respect themselves and to carry themselves in a way to not seem questionalbe. It may be hard to do, but we as men have to be in our kids lives. We have to talk with them and get them to respect themselves and those around them. Its sad when a young man can't get justice and it hurts me more that Michael Browns parents have to live with this decision. My prayers go out to the Brown family and the entire Ferguson community of peace.

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