President Barack Obama delivered a rousing speech at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia last week, and based on some behind-the-scenes clips it looks like he was listening to a go-to adrenaline inducing rap track before. The above video shows Obama nodding and mean-mugging to Eminem's "Lose Yourself" as well as enjoying some backstage ribbing with Bill Clinton.

Throughout his time in office, Obama has given hip-hop artists an opportunity to visit the White House and speak with him in the Oval Office. This past April, the President welcomed J. Cole, Chance the Rapper and others to discuss his My Brother’s Keeper initiative, while in May, he and Macklemore discussed opioid addiction during Obama’s weekly address. The President even had Wale perform before his final State of the Union address in January and Lamar perform on the Fourth of July.

Watch the clip of the POTUS jamming out up above.

6 Pictures of President Obama With Rappers

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