Ok, can anyone tell me what happened with Kandi's party.  I mean I know, but what's your opinion?  Was Phaedra outta line for hiring a stripper for Kandi's birthday party?  Did Kandi's mom take things to seriously?  And did you notice how NeNe left?  What was that?  Has the former stripper (NeNe) turned over a new leaf?  Comments please!!!!!! 

What do you think about Peter, Cynthia's husband?  Should he forgive and forget about the whole marriage license thing?  Was Cynthia's mom and sister out of line for temporarily losing it?

By the way, does Peter have a huge chip on his shoulder?    Did you think Apollo was gonna knock it off for him at Kim's baby shower.  It was going down wasn't it!

Is Peter to old?  Lol!  I'm just asking.  In case you were wondering, here's what Kim had to say about the situation, “My baby shower was beautiful and then Peter shows up and causes a mess!!” Kim tweeted Nov. 20. “Apollo really did hold his composure as long as he cud! He was defending his wife!"

Wow, this show is loaded with drama that's for sure.   LOL!!!


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