Over the Mardi Gras holiday, there were several tweets about a possible reunion with Xscape. After doing a little more researching I came across the Instagram pages of Tiny, Latocha and Tamika Scott where each did various post about the reunion and spoke on how happy it was to be working together again.

There was also a video where the ladies visited home town radio station V103 and talked about it with Big Tigger. I don't know if Jermaine Dupri will be working with the ladies again on the upcoming new music, but If you were a fan of the ladies in the nineties, I am sure you are as excited about new music from them.


Xscape Reunion Details With Big Tigger:

Be on the lookout for more details on the reunion and when we can possibly expect to see the ladies coming to a town near us soon. Check out some joints from back in the day of the girls doing their thing.

Xscape- "Just Kickin' It":


Xsacpe- "Who Can I Run To":

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