Oprah Winfrey is definately not one to let one monkey stop a show, she has set her sights on even bigger fish to fry.

On the heels of losing Michael Vick, then replacing the footballer with David Arquette, Oprah Winfrey recovers nicely by scoring another huge booking. Diana Ross will be appearing on the Feb. 25 episode and she's bringing her big ol' beautiful family along with her, according to Access Hollywood. It's quite the score for the 25-year talk show vet. Ross is bringing along all her kids, including "Girlfriends" actress Tracee Ellis Ross and Evan Ross, who's currently on The CW's "90210." Plus, she's bringing along her first grandson who was born in 2009. But, that's not all Ross is bringing to the Oprah stage. This is the final season, y'all! The singer will be performing on the show for the first time on TV in four years.

via Oprah Winfrey scores 'Supreme' booking: Diana Ross and family - Pop2it - Zap2it.

I would still love to see Michael Vick get his time on the Oprah Winfrey show, but I gotta say this is a nice replacement!!