Parents have a not so profound way a of weirding their children out, because it’s just how life is when you’re a kid.

I knew where babies came from at a very young age, but the extent to how they were made came before I was out of elementary school. You can thank my class mate Lawrence, who had quite the potty mouth for a fifth grader, for explicitly explaining to me what a condom was used for. *SIGH*

I never received the traditional “the birds and the bees” talk. This is how the conversation with my father went; “Son, don’t have sex, but if you do, wear a condom. All it takes is one drop, that’s how your brother got here.” True story. I’ll never forget those words, or my mothers reaction when he said it. It’s not how I wanted to think of my mother, but I digress.

I can’t say that my parents explained periods to me, maybe mom dukes was talking and I wasn’t listening, idk. I think I can credit my high school biology teacher with truly explaining menstrual cycles to me and my class mates. Thanks Mrs. Spain!

Watch as the parents in the video above weird there kids out when they terribly explain how periods work. The video comes courtesy of

It has me thinking, how I will explain birth, sex, and periods to my future children? I might break out a chart, pictures, and video to really make things disturbingly interesting. Yes, I’ll proudly be that dad. Anything to drive it home and keep them from doing things they should wait to do until they’re grown.

Enjoy the video above!

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