Paul Wall and Baby Bash have been cleared of felony drug charges. A grand jury panel decline to indict the rappers on Tuesday (March 21) due to insufficient evidence, according to TMZ.

"My lawyer called me. She gave me the great news," Paul Wall told TMZ. "She been fighting for me. It feels great, man. She's undefeated in the court room, so I knew I had good chances going into this case."

Paul Wall and Baby Bash were arrested in Houston on Dec. 23. The two were charged with manufacturing and delivering a controlled substance between four and 400 grams. A few days later, Baby Bash said it was simply a weed party that got out of hand.

“All it was, was a little smoke out that got bigger than it should have been,” he said. “People had edibles and people had dabs. There were no drugs. They tried to make it like we were big druggies, but it was all marijuana and THC. So I want people to know, it was basically me and Paul were smoking some tree. I guess in Texas they don’t play that as much as Cali and Colorado. They arrested us.”

Although the rappers have been cleared of the charges, prosecutors could refile if there is any new evidence. Paul Wall doubts that will ever happen.

"I'm not worried because I don't think they gon' find any evidence that we were manufacturing, delivering, ordering or engaging in criminal activity," he said.

The Houston rapper's legal issues have not stopped his music grind. Just a few weeks ago, the veteran MC dropped a music video for his song "Somebody Lied."

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