Today in Tha Wire he's back!  A year after he dropped Slab God Houston rap legend, Paul Wall, is dropping new jewels for his fans.  The "Peoples Champ" is putting in work and his new album, produced by Mouse, is now streaming on iTunes!  Obviously dropping back-to-back albums he's got a lot on his mind.   Like he said when he stopped by the studio, Paul is coming with a message in his music.  Houston Oiler is the title of his new album.  No it doesn't have anything to do with the football team that packed up and left Houston for Tennessee in 96', it's all the love of Hip Hop.

By the way these days he's sitting straight-up, instead of sidewayz. Meaning his music is has a more mature sound.   At 35-years old Paul said he's older, wiser and told Erik Tee, " Now I got children, now I realize the power and effect of my words and my actions so there's a lot of things that make you wanna grow-up in life and in music."  So long story short his music just got a little better.  Peep his interview with Eazy below to learn more about his new album.

Houston Oiler is now streaming on iTunes, so make sure you cop it today.  Wall's new LP has 16-tracks of that "real musical content," as he put it and you already know plenty of Houston's rap royalty is featured on it.  Everybody from Z-Ro to Slim Thug, Lil Keke and Chamillionaire is on his new project.



Below take a listen to his latest masterpiece and checkout the track list while your at it!

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