Today in Tha Wire it's being reported this week that police arrested a suspect for the murder of Screwed Up Click and Rap-A-Lot legend. Christopher Barriere, better known as Mr. 3-2 or the Governor, in a shooting that also left two other people wounded.

According to reports the rap pioneer, began his career as a member of The Convicts and in was in another group, with New Orleans own, Big Mike.  Authorities say, he was shot and killed during a gunfight at a Houston gas station last week, after a brief argument with the suspect.  Houston's ABC 13 reports the 44-year old rap legend died instantly after taking a single bullet to the back of the head.

Police are still investigating the murder, but disclosed that they have a suspect in custody. The HPD have charged 39-year old, Vincent Depaul Stredic, in the shooting death and reports that after he pulled a shotgun from the trunk of his car, he murdered Mr. 3-2.  Authorities say Stredic left the scene at least and return to the scene, at least three times.  In the process, he shot two more victims, one man in the face.

At last word both victims are alive, one obviously in critical condition and being treated at Houston's, Ben Taub Hospital.  As more news becomes available I will keep you posted with Tha Wire, so be sure to tune in every weekday for the scoop and only on The Peoples Station 107 Jamz.

It's been a tough year for Houston's music community.  Another rapper/singer famous for singing the hook of Lil Troy's classic, "Wanna Be A Baller."  Will was Troy's cousin and sadly he died in a tragic car accident a few months ago.  R.I.P. to them both and our deepest condolences to their family and friends....


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