If you were hoping for a Geto Boys reunion, I’m sorry to say it’s never gonna happen.  In a recent interview with AllHipHop.com, Scarface said he's done with the Geto Boys and Hip Hop.

Scarface-photo by Allen Berezovsky via Getty Images
Scarface-photo by Allen Berezovsky via Getty Images

Scarface hit fans with some bad news saying basically, Texas' legendary The Geto Boys will NOT be recording any more albums together.

Face said in an exclusive interview with Allhiphop.com, “We ain’t doing no album. That’s out. F**k that,” says Scarface. “Not with me. They can do that s**t. Will and Bill can do that s**t, but I’m out.”

On a brighter note before Face makes his departure from Hip Hop, he's gonna drop a new album.  Listen to Tha Wire below to get more details.

Finally,  the pending sale of Beats By Dre to Apple has Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine riding high, as the two will soon be coming into some stupid dough.  However, they’re not the only ones wanting to cash in on one of the biggest deals of the decade.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, the founder of Jibe Audio, Steven Lamar is suing Dre and Iovine for breach of contract, claiming he was the brains behind the Beats headphones marketing concept.  Lamar says he told Jimmy Iovine in 2006, Beats Electronics needed a big music artist like Dr. Dre to endorse the company.  Branding himself a co-founder of Beats Electronics, Steven Lamar wants his share of the Apple deal.

For more info listen to Tha Wire below.  Meanwhile, earlier today, Fabolous took to his Instagram account and informed his followers he was involved in a car accident with a semi in Queens.  Peep pics of the accident here.

The accident happened on the Van Wyck in his hometown, when the car he was riding in was struck by the truck. Thankfully the rapper, his driver and the two truck drivers were ok, but he didn’t mind sharing the fact that he was shaken-up a bit:

This was my 1st time being in a car accident. It’s a very shocking experience & may change my outlook on how fast things can happen & you’re put into a life threatening situation. Live, Love, & Celebrate Life. #Blessed

Listen to Tha Wire for more on all of today's news, plus find out what celebs are celebrating birthdays today.

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