With the traumatizing news that woke us all up this past Sunday. We were wondering if the Millennium Park would be back to what it was. Well good news ladies and gentlemen, it will be returning and it will be better then ever!

A group of volunteers is already making plans to rebuild Millennium Park just three days after the popular playground burned to the ground.

More than 20 volunteers met at City Hall on Tuesday night and outlined a process that is much like the structure they used to rebuild the original park.

The group does plan to add some improvements, however. These additions include taking advantage of new construction techniques and materials. Mayor Randy Roach of Lake Charles said they are also looking at ways to better secure the park at night.

"It's something we want to make sure that we do quickly but we also want to do it right," said Mayor Roach. "We want to have the security that we need in order to protect the people when they're not only at the park but also to keep it secure in those after hours after the park closes."

Insurance adjusters are currently assessing the damages. While the park was insured, the volunteers are still looking for ways to raise money for improvements.

via Plans underway to rebuild Millennium Park - KPLC 7 News, Lake Charles, Louisiana.

We need to do what we can do to help the cause of getting this park back to what our kids love and what we as locals citizens needed in our area. The Millennium Park will be returning and I am more then willing to do my part to spread the word and help rebuild.

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