We all remember a few weeks back, we reported that the Millennium park had been set on fire. I had my reasons to believe it was this and that until today. Apparently LCPD has come up with a suspect!

Seth Arceneaux

A suspect has been named in the investigation of the blaze that destroyed Millennium Park.

17-year-old Seth Arceneaux has been arrested and charged with simple arson. He is being held on a bond of $60,000.

The Lake Charles Police Department held a news conference on Monday afternoon to discuss the arson investigation and name Arceneaux as a suspect.

Most of Millennium Park was destroyed by fire early in January. The damages to the park totaled $190,000.

It's sad that kids these days have nothing better to do. Unfortunately they're crying for attention by doing punshible things like setting good areas on fire and destroying things. We will keep you updated on this situation. Authorities say their investigation continues, and at least one more arrest is anticipated.

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