This past week has truly been one we didn't see coming. Sure, we were told that a winter storm was on the way, but nobody could have really predicted to what magnitude. This is the coldest I can remember it being in Louisiana since I have lived here. Being without power for a few hours, and some for days, was traumatic. Then to be without full-powered water made the situation that much worse.

I will commend Mayor Nic Hunter for stepping in as he has done over the past year since the pandemic and the hurricanes to keep us updated. This is something that should be expected from all of our political leaders, as we can't make certain decisions on our own accord. Some of these things must be signed off by the powers that be and most of those decisions are above our pay grade.

That's why it really troubled me to see what is happening in Texas. They are playing political roulette and the people are the ones who are suffering. You have Senator Ted Cruz taking a getaway to Cancun and passing the blame on his daughters, then you have the Mayor of Colorado City, Texas who basically told his residents to fend for themselves, followed up with a resignation and deleted post.

I respect those who are in the trenches with their people. Sure, it's easy for them to book a flight to some cozy place and leave the situation, but when you are asking for the support of the people to elect you to office, you have to remember that when the days are not as sunny as before. My respect level for Gov. Abbot, Senator Cruz, and Tim Boyd is at the bottom. If this doesn't convince you to rethink the power of your vote, nothing else will.

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