Powerade is giving area schools the opportunity to power up their athletic programs. This is huge and has been a very successful promotion over the past few years. The contest is open for high school students, teachers, coaches and parents to nominate their schools for a chance to win $2,000.00. This money can be used to give a nice facelift to uniforms for football or basketball players. Maybe you could use some new weights or want to help with expenses for area trips for the athletic students.

All you have to do is go to poweradepowerthrough.com and develop a 300-word written essay, or upload photos or a video informing them why your high school needs that $2,000.00 for their program. We have seen plenty of area high schools including Elton High School, Hamilton Christian Academy and more win the money. Seeing the momentum of the students and faculty has been wonderful and inspiring for the next school to be a part of this great program.

You have until September 30th to nominate your school for the Powerade Power through contest, so you should be getting on the grind now. Again, make sure you click here to get in the runnings for your school to win.

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