As we come to area graduations from the different schools. This one is very important to me as my one and only son will be graduation from high school. When we first moved here to Lake Charles, my son was only 3 years old. So he has made friends and alot of our friends have seen him grow from a toddler to become a man.

This has me thinking about my high school graduation from Meridian High School. I can remember it like yesterday. Where alot of folks talk about being clowns on stage and really making an exit. I have to admit that I was a little nervous. I had actually started being on the radio during my high school years so to alot of people I was becoming a small celebrity. But believe it or not I was still that guy who was nervous even if it wasn't speaking, but getting on stage.

The night had come for me to accept my diploma and walk the stage, man I was nervous. And then the moment came where my name was called. I walked across the stage and looked up in the crowd. I remember seeing my mother and my brothers who came to the event. It was a monumental moment for me. Alot of my friends who were in my senior class actually dropped out or failed to graduate at the same time. So there was obviously some pressure, but I excelled and did that. Later on that night I got with some of my friends and we went to get some thing to eat and then hit a few parties around  the area. That's why this Sunday is special to me.

Although we as parents know that this day is coming. I have to admit that it seemed like just yesterday when he started school in general and this weekend. My son will be graduating high school. What is even more wonderful is the fact that he is smart, independent and ready for what the future holds for him. While there will be obstacles in the path of our kids, we as parents only want the best for them and I am one proud father of a future leader in this world of ours.

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