President Barack Obama is by far one of the coolest to ever do it in the White House. But his term is coming to an end and he will be missed by many including myself. One thing you can say is that he dealt with alot of things head on and handle the pressure of the world unlike so many before him.


Well my favorite late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon is back at it again and this time he is slow jamming the news. But this time is possibly one of the best ones yet as he had the pleasure of having President Barack Obama on the show giving out the news. It includes alot of the good deeds that he has passed over the 8 year term and The Roots as always held it down. Check out the clip below.


Much respect to my president for doing all that he has done for the people. I am sure who ever takes over the White House next will hopefully be able to bring just as much fire and positive momentum for the people of the United States.

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