Even if President Obama could run for a third term, it wouldn’t happen on the First Lady’s watch.

Many of us wish that President Obama could serve another term, because lets face it, our presidential nominees are plagued with controversy and scandal. If you paid attention in school you would know that an elected president can only serve two consecutive terms, so you can blow that dream right out of the window.

When Jimmy Kimmel asks the POTUS if he would have run for a third term if it were allowed, he made it clear that the First Lady would divorce him. He also explained why he will remain in Washington D.C. once he leaves The White House, citing “Our attitude is that, if you have a teenager and you really want to make sure they never talk to you again. Pull them out of high school right in the middle of sophomore year,” said President Obama.

So it seems the president is looking out for the best interest of his daughters, which further makes him the coolest ever in office. Get more in the video clip above.

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