While investigators are still continue to investigate Prince's possible addiction to prescription drugs, one of the late guitarist's former associates opens up about his purported usage of painkillers.

Sky Dangcil, who DJ'd and played violin for Prince from 2000 to 2007, alleged Prince started consuming opioids to deal with his chronic hip pain. The violinist told Us Weekly he "took the pills to keep the show going." When his pain became too much, Dangcil said Prince would fly to his $12 million estate in Turks and Caicos to "rest his hips."

Longtime hairdresser of the "Purple Rain" legend, Kim Berry, also talked to Us Weekly and added on in agreement to Dangcil's statement.

Berry said Prince "was always in a lot of pain," speculating that his reported addiction to opioids probably stemmed from his tireless commitment to music combined with "30 years of jumping off speakers with 4-inch shoes on."

On Wednesday, an official told the Associated Press that investigators want to determine whether any internet suppliers were involved in giving Prince drugs, or if any doctor broke the law by overprescribing drugs or prescribing drugs without first giving Prince a requisite physical.

Investigators did examined computer hard drives from Prince's Paisley Park compound where he was found dead on April 21.

Two doctors have already been cleared of any wrongdoing as they were identified for communicating with Prince or his staff before his death. The investigation is still ongoing.

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