Prince is back with new music and has everybody talking.Let's just say the music legend was creative about the way he debuted his new single “Breakfast Can Wait”.  Prince proved to the world that not only does he have a since of humor, but he loved Dave Chappelle’s impersonation of him so much, he used the comedians famous basketball & pancakes skit for the cover art of his new track.  Here's a look and clip of the track.

In the Chappelle’s Show’s most popular skits, the comedian dressed-up as Prince in his trademark Purple Rain fit and took on fellow comedian Charlie Murphy in a game of basketball.  After beating Charlie’s team, Chappelle hilariously offers to fix them pancakes.  Here's to the memories!

With a play of what Dave said, Prince added this captioned when tweeted his new artwork and audio clip: 'Game: Blouses.'  Find out how and when Prince debuted his new track and what happened afterwards.  Get all the details now with Tha Wire below.


In other news, you may wanna think twice about going to an Eminem concert, because some of his fans are pretty ratchet.  Over 50 concertgoers were arrested at the Eminem’s recent Slane Castle show in Ireland over the weekend.  Saturday (Aug. 17) police arrested 22 people for disorderly conduct, 35 people for minor drug offenses and another five for assault.  I guess if you considered that there was 80,000 people in attendance, that’s not a bad number. However it’s still extreme.

Find how much security was on the scene and what's next for Slim Shady below with Tha Wire.


Finally, 50 Cent claims he was cheated out of $261,000 by a judge who ruled against him because he’s black.  In a rather bitter lawsuit with Sleek Audio the rapper says the company owed him the large chunk of change but a judge disagreed.  After the headphone company denied Fif’s claim, the lawsuit went to arbitration, which in case you didn't know is a legal process where an arbitrator chooses a winner.  In this case, it wasn't 50 Cent, but he’s going out without a fight and taking the case to federal Court.

Find out why 50 Cent claims racism played a role in the judgement and more now.  Press play to hear Tha Wire now: