Not all matches are made in heaven.  A New York City judge has ruled in favor of Revelations Perfume & Cosmetic and has ordered Prince to fork over $4 Million dollars.  The perfume company won a lawsuit against Prince after some serious drama over a deal that has obviously gone bad.Back in 2006, Prince entered into a contract with Revelations Perfume & Cosmetic to form a new fragrance named after his album "3121".  In that agreement, Prince was to suppose to help market and promote the perfume.  However, the company said that never happened and accused Prince a reneging on their deal.

The scent was not only named after one of Prince's album

, but was also packaged in a purple falcon sporting his name.  The firm said they spent $4 million dollars on marketing and promotion of the fragrance and is suing for damages.

Bottom line, they got their day in court and came out on top.  Unfortunately for him, Prince was found liable of not holding up his end of the bargain.  So, it looks like he's gonna have to pay the piper.  As far as the fragrance, it'll more than likely be shelved indefinitely.