A few weeks ago Salaam Remi appeared on The Breakfast Club to come out of the dark I guess you can say. He is known for working with some of the musical greats like Nas, Amy Winehouse and more artist who have been at the top of the charts.

This week Rhythm Roulette has finally gotten a hold of him to create something fly in one of their session. He is a New York based producer who has worked with a variety of artist from pop to hip hop and r&b and I can see that this one could be something fly for an artist in the near future. When you get to see a producer create something so easy, it worth the time and effort in watching them create. Check out the clip below.

Rhythm Roulette With Salaam Remi:


I am sure that if this was something that he would consider selling, he would add a few more things to it. But when you have worked on music as long as he has then you know that you got it without alot of effort. Be on the lookout for the new Nas album that should be dropping soon that will feature more production from Salaam on the tracks. Also you should check out the "Amy" documentary that is based on the life of Amy Winehouse, where Salaam is featured in the flick.

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