According to, Baton Rouge producer/rapper, and the man behind some of Louisiana's biggest hit records, Mouse On Tha Track has amicably parted ways with Trill Entertainment over a business dispute.

“I signed as an in-house producer, but a contract can be perfect and everything can be all good and fair,” Mouse told “What’ll make a contract go bad is when somebody doesn’t abide by it. I’d say I did about 90% of it, pretty much everything that was on the charts and radio was pretty much me but all the money didn’t reflect that.”

Over the course of the 10 years or so that Mouse has been with Trill he's given us hit's like, Bossie and Webbie's "Independent," and Foxx's "Wipe Me Down," as well as records for Paul Wall, Bun B, and Dorrough, not to mention an assortment of records that span the Louisiana underground music scene.

Mouse also told AllHipHop,

“I wouldn’t just put myself in a box, but the sound that I made popular is that Baton Rouge bounce, with the layered synths, intense high hats, rich key boards, hits and stabs along with heavy drum patterns, that fun club gangsta sound in one mix.

“It’s a mixture of Lil Jon, KLC, a big mixture of Mannie Fresh, some Pimp C, all the stuff I grew up listening to, all combined and that’s pretty much what all producers do is take music they’re fans of and put their own twist on it,” Mouse continued. “It even has a little soul from the church I guess, it just sits well with people because they can feel it.”

Expect to hear more new music from Mouse on the Track as he is reported to be working on new music with Juvenile, Rocko, Kevin Gates, Lil Cali, and more. Also check out Mouse's new single "Off the Chain Below" below.