Project Build a Future (PBAF) (2306 Third Street) in Lake Charles was founded in 2001 by retired priest Henry Mancuso. He wanted to help level the playing field by providing education, resources, and new affordable homes for first-time homeowners.

This non-profit organization believes homeownership should be possible for everyone. It's all about giving people the tools to achieve permanent financial stability. To that point, PBAF offers counseling services to educate people on budgeting and all the ends and outs of the home-buying process. This helps to lay a solid foundation for lifelong financial strength and success.

PBAF proudly builds quality, affordable homes that create a sense of pride for new owners while simultaneously adding curb appeal to the communities where each home is built. The goal is to revitalize and stabilize one community at a time. These new homes and the PBAF program go hand in hand,  and be a source of hope for people who dream of living and owning a house in the near future. Learn more about this program and find out if you qualify. APPLY NOW! 

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