I don't know about you, but that white chocolate raspberry cake from Pronia's is calling my name! Have you had the champagne??? Oh my goodness. Just delicious! Good news everyone! Pronia's Deli and Bakery ( 3101 Kirkman St.) is just weeks away from reopening. The family owned Italian establishment has been serving the Greater Lake Charles area for more than 20-years. However they were forced to close their doors after taking on massive damage from Hurricane Laura. Like many residents in SWLA lost their entire restaurant and bakery to Hurricane Laura. Feast your eyes! This will be back on the shelves of Pronia's in a couple weeks.

Since the storms hit more than a year ago, they've been struggling with insurance, trying to finds contractors, getting permits and all the growing pains of trying to rebuild. But finally, they can see the light at the end of the tunnel and plan to reopen at the end of the month. It has been a long time coming, but the local favorite is also one of the lucky ones as many family owned restaurants and businesses closed the doors for good.

Leroy Pronia Jr. told KPLC his father and cousin Ricky Pronia started the restaurant off as a sandwich shop. He explained “This side building right here was empty, and my cousin, Ricky Pronia, mentioned to my father about opening up a deli." The rest is history as they say. Pronia's has done nothing but grow since then. The deli owner added, “Got into the sandwich business and it just started from there,” He said. “It just kept on going - got bigger and bigger.”

Well I for one love their cakes, cupcakes and sandwiches. So, it's good to know they will finally be reopening in the coming days. We missed you. Yum!

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