Now I am originally from Mississippi and most of my listeners are aware of that. What you do not know is that I have never ever had a bit of crawfish until I moved to Lake Charles. I was familiar with crab legs, shrimp and of course fish, but not so much on Boudin. Well fast forward to 2001 and all of that changed. I was introduced to crawfish and initially I was not a big fan of it by a long shot. As a matter of fact, I honestly thought it was pretty creepy.

Well once I had some I was hooked. Of course you mix that with some corns and potatoes and you have a friend for life. Especially when those bad boys are huge in size and fulfilling. Well over the past few years the sizes have gotten smaller and the price seems to remain the same of increase. And according to KLFY news, there is a bill that is being proposed to limit the size of crawfish that can be sold.



While I am sure there are plenty of people who will disagree, and I fully understand when you have to make a living. Unfortunately for us out here working hard and just wanting a little down time and good crawfish, the bigger is better. The big question is whether or not the price will be raised and possibly make it even more difficult to purchase.