According to reports, R. Kelly allegedly made women sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before they joined his team, which some believe is his alleged sex cult.

On Monday (Jan. 21), The Blast revealed a presumed NDA document, which is copyrighted on every page by RSK Enterprises, R. Kelly's management company. In the agreement, once a person signs the NDA, he or she becomes a “privileged member of Robert Kelly’s team.” However, there are some strict rules.

The rules include being prohibited to reveal information regarding his intellectual property; business and private life; business activities within the company; employment policies, ideas and concepts disclosed by the company and “the outcome of the Opportunity.”

In addition, any person who signs the NDA also agrees not to reveal any confidential information with “other team members and/or officers of the Company except where there is a specific reason to know.”

Not only must the signee abide by these rules, their families, agents, friends and other associates that are introduced to Kelly must adhere to them as well. Anyone signing the NDA also agrees not to talk to the media about anything that happens while being part of the “team.”

“During and after my involvement in the Team, I shall not directly or through any publicity representative or otherwise circulate, publish or otherwise disseminate any news story, article, book or other publicity about or relating to the Confidential Information,” the NDA reads.

Finally, the person also signs away any right to pursue compensation or legal action against the veteran R&B singer.

This news comes as R. Kelly parted ways with his record label Sony and another woman, a former intern at Epic Records, has come out and accused the 52-year-old artist of alleged sexual misconduct when she was 16 years old.

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