The Blast reports Brooklyn federal Judge, Ann Donnelly, denied R.Kelly's request for bail on Wednesday, October 2, 2019. Federal prosecutors asked the judge to block his release claiming the singer was a flight risk and may try to travel to Dubai. Kelly's defense team argued he doesn't have the money for travel, and proposed house arrest.

However, prosecutors aren't having it because he could go right back to inappropriate sexual activity. In a legal letter to the judge, the New York attorneys pointed to his history of paying people off and intimidating witnesses. They added home detention "certainly would do nothing to deter him.”

HipHollywood reports the 52-year old R&B star was not in court this week and despite his attorney's plea for leniency, Judge Donnelly sided with federal prosecutors. The judge denied the former superstars bail and set a date for his trial for May 18, 2020. Unless something changes R. Kelly will remain locked-up at Chicago’s Metropolitan Correctional Center until then if not longer. It's being reported that the preceding could take up to three weeks before a verdict is reached.

R. Kelly is in deep trouble and it's very possible that he is not going beat this. He is currently facing charges in four different jurisdictions, including two in federal court: the Eastern District of New York and the Northern District of Illinois. If convicted, he faces a minimum of ten years.

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