When 107 Jamz first came on the air back in 2004, we kicked things off with Doug Banks. He was a well knowned radio personality who was the needed boost in the morning. He got his start in Philadephia in radio and became a syndicated personality along with Tom Joyner back in the early 90's.


I remember him along with radio personality Dede Mcguire and the rest of the cast and  they were a great group of people. They indirectly taught me about radio and how to really hold on to your listeners in the morning and keep them tuned in. Doug would always touch on things affecting the communities within the world and would talk to some of the biggest celebrities as well. According to Radio Facts, news came today that he passed away. While there's no definite connections, it has been reported that he dealt with Diabetes for years.


While I never got to meet him personally and share some of the memories that others did. But he was a true inspiration for dj's like myself and so many others out there who are still in the game. He still had a syndicated show during the afternoon and there are no words on whether it will continue or not. I would like to offer my prayers to his family and his beautiful daughters whom he loved dearly.

Doug Banks Radio Throwback: