With political season upon us. It is only a matter of time before we have to head to the polls and drop the lever on the ballet that is going to consume us for the next four years. This past weekend we here in Calcasieu Parish and surrounding residents casted our votes and got the first Democratic governor in twelve years back in the Governors Mansion. It truly shows that if you believe and do what you are suppose to do then you can make changes and lead the pack.

Well in 2016 we will have a new presidential candidate who is going to carry on the torch that President Barack Obama started and ran with. Senator Bernie Sanders has been bringing a little momentum to the forefront. The funny thing about it is we need to make the people feel confident in their votes because some of them are not thinking correctly. Personally I think this is an example of Donald Trump doing so well in the polls. Well one of my favorite and conscious rappers on the map Killer Mike gave a speech that was totally unexpected. I would love to see the way that Fox news would try to spin this, because we all know how they do.

Peep out the motivational introduction that is going to take everyone to the polls so they will vote in the upcoming Presidential election and see about making the changes needed to help our kids make it in this world.


I feel like running to the polls now after seeing this speech and hopefully it will give the same fire to others to give the a chance to get out there and head to the polls. This shouldn't be just for the presidential race, but for all of the elections as they should be considered just as important as those effect us a little more personally.


Killer Mike- "Ric Flair"