When hip hop first came out. We saw a good balance of music and artistry. We could get a glimpse of the hard core gangster lifestyle from N.W.A, Ice Tee and others who told us through song about the culture on the west coast. We could get a lesson in Black History through the eyes of the X-Clan, Paris, Public Enemy and Poor Righteous Teachers.

We could also have fun with artist like Young MC, Digital Underground and Kwame. Unfortunately now the music is really kinda monotonous and doesn't really reflect the way music used to be. Which is why the new album from Rapsody Eve was truly a breath of fresh air and was truly needed.

The album features song titles of some of the most influential black woman of our culture and the single for Afeni truly talks to the men and reminds them of the love they should have for the females in their lives. Check out the video below feature Grammy Nominated artist PJ Morton.

Rapsody- "Afeni":

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