Being one of the cats from the origin of hip hop. I have seen alot of artist come and go and one cat that has stood the test of time whether with a major artist or unknown. Redman is that guy and has stood the test of time. He along with his friend and fellow artist Method Man have conquered everything from television to movies and of course the music charts. The latest video from Redman pays homage to one of his favorite pass time. That would be ladies and the good sticky. The video is a remix to the single from the album "Mudface" which is available now. The song is called "High 2 Come Down" and features a different flow then we're used to.


Redman- "High 2 Come Down":

If you love hip hop I would suggest you pick up a copy of the album as he continues to give the skits and things in between along with some of the banging production and lyrics. The album is the truth and I would buy it again if I had to, because it's that good.

He's also got Erick Sermon on here as well lending some production help and more. Redman is currently on the streets and touring in various places right now to really get the things going and hopefully working on more new music for the fans.