You ever hear the saying, it seemed like just yesterday? Well it actually does seem like it was just yesterday that I was setting the clocks back one hour in preparations of Daylight Savings Time. Well this Sunday ladies and gentlemen, we will be doing it again.


We all realize that this is a man made deal, and I still don't understand the importance of it. But just like everyone else, I will try to relish in the extra hour of sleep that we apparently get. The only thing different that I notice is the fact that it will be getting dark sooner and we have to try to squeeze in as much as we can before nightfall hits.


I  wish that the time would stay the same and that we could just roll with it as it. If you are a hardworking person, you will never get to the point where you'll see any difference. And you'll never get adjusted to the change in the time either as it can honestly throw you off if you are not aware. Regardless it is happening this weekend and I want to remind you all to set your clocks back this Saturday night before you hit the sack.


Why do we have Daylight Saving Time?:

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