While it seems as soon as you get adjusted to one time. It changes, at least that what my mom used to say. It seemed like my favorite time of the year was when the sun stayed out longer, but that generally meant we didn't sleep long.


Alot of folks were on Facebook and other social media sites saying that this weekend was  going to be the weekend that time change would go into effect. That's probably because we have become accustomed to the first Sunday in October being the weekend of all of the changes. Well I hate to bust your bubble, but that is not the case. You may notice that the sun is going down a little earlier, but Daylight Savings Time does not truly go into effect until November 1st. So go ahead and enjoy the cooler temperatures, but that official time is about a month away.


I  never really understood why the time had to be changed anyway, although there have been scientific things that I have heard that say it has to be. Anyway we will of course be reminding you about this once the time gets a little closer, but it will not be this weekend...Sorry.

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