While this is not going to change a thing and I am sure the world will go on regardless of my opinion. But I am not a fan of the ever changing and shorter and shorter Daylight Savings Time.

This weekend everyone is encouraged to set their clocks back as the time will be changing. Now one thing I will say is that this time of the year is my favorite. I love the cooler temperatures and the extra hour we supposedly get to sleep in. But once I get used to it, the time changes again and then we lose that hour of sleep.

Why can't we be like Arizona and Hawaii who don't celebrate the time change and things seem to be working well for them. The wild thing about it is that this is a man made rule that apparently was done to help to make the best of the daylight, but I honestly have no issues with the daylight and will get to enjoy it regardless.

As I mentioned earlier, it doesn't matter what I say the time is going to be what it will be and we will have to adjust or we'll be the only ones showing up for work an hour earlier on Sunday or Monday..

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