I heard someone ask can we just end 2020 already. I have to ask that question myself. Unfortunately, there are still about three weeks left in this year, and as my grandmother used to say. Every year carries a number, we just don't know when ours will be pulled.

Last night the unfortunate passing of actior, former wrestler and world renowned bully Tommy Tiny Lister passed away. I have watched him go from facing off with Hulk Hogan in No Holds Barred to actually coming into the WWF and causing havoc as Zeus. I also remember him running Smokey and Craig into another city as Deebo in the movie Friday. The man was a great actor and from the response of many in the entertainment world. He has left a void that will not be filled.

I remember seeing him in 1999, Jermaine Dupri had an event in Atlanta where he was introducing the world to his new phenomenon Lil Bow Wow. I was from a small town in Mississippi, this was my first opportunity to really rub shoulders with some of the elite in the industry. I remember Funkmaster Flex was the DJ for the event, and I saw Grandmaster Flash out of the corner of my eye. I had to snap it up with for a memorable shot. I saw Tommy who I only knew as Deebo across the room. He was surrounding by some young ladies, but I slid across to holler at him. I introduced myself and asked him if I could get a shot with him, he paused and said naw I don't take pictures with dudes. Now that I think about it, I laugh, but then my face was left on the floor. I was there with two of my friends at the time, and they didn't make it any better as they were laughing the entire time. I got over my anger at the moment and years passed and I cheered as I saw him steadily rising up the scene.

We never got to meet each other again, but that is a story that I can tell my kids as I force them to watch Friday with Paw Paw. R.I.P to a legend as your star will continue to shine for the world to see.

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